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Criminal Defense Attorneys

Guillermo E. Gomez Jr.

When you are arrested or charged with a crime, it is both upsetting and frightening. You may feel that the situation is hopeless or how could the police make such a grievous mistake. Regardless of your problem, my job is to fix it. I don’t just identify what is wrong in your case, I provide you with a course of action of how to combat your criminal matter.

My first goal is to obtain the best results for my clients. I accomplish this by being aggressive, harder working, and smarter than the prosecution. You may have heard that a person charged with a crime is presumed innocent. Those are not just mere words for me. It is that presumption of innocence that animates my representation of my clients. Since graduating from a top tier law school over 20 years ago, I have dedicated my legal career to being the best criminal defense attorney in the Tampa Bay area.

As a former prosecutor, I understand how the other side works and thinks. I have handled thousands of cases including first degree murder cases, death penalty cases and high profile media cases. In addition, I have argued appeals and petitioned cases to the U.S. Supreme Court and have argued before the Florida State Courts and Florida District Court of Appeals. Moreover, my membership in the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and Hillsborough County Bar Association provide me with access to a wide range of resources.

I will do everything legally possible to exploit any weaknesses in the State’s case to help you prevail. This is accomplished by an aggressive investigation. In Florida, a defendant can take the pre-trial discovery depositions of witnesses and my depositions are both detailed and thorough. I use these pre-trial tools to tear down the State’s case against you. Many times, through the hard work that comes from an aggressive pre-trial investigation, I am able to have my client’s charges dismissed prior to trial.

If you are required to go to trial, this intelligent and aggressive pre-trial investigation puts you in the best position possible to prevail at a jury trial. There is no case too small or too complex that I do not enjoy litigating. Thus, while you may come into my office scared and upset and feeling that your problem is insurmountable, my goal is to ensure that when you walk out of my office, you have both hope and a strong belief that I will make the legal system work for you.

Joseph M. Touger

When you are accused of a crime, you will be up against a team of prosecutors who will use the latest in investigative technology, as well as a justice system stacked against you, to accomplish its goal of turning you into a convicted criminal- regardless of innocence or guilt.

At such a critical time, you will need a seasoned criminal defense attorney in your corner to fight against such a powerful force. With nearly two decades of experience, attorney Joseph M. Touger will protect you and your rights in both state and federal courts. Mr. Touger is a former state prosecutor who has handled serious cases ranging from first degree murder to capital sexual battery. As a graduate of Florida’s Life Over Death program, Mr. Touger is also licensed and qualified to defend death penalty cases at both the trial and appellate levels.

Prior to leaving the State Attorney’s office, Mr. Touger was a member of the specialized team of prosecutors assigned to handle child sex crimes. He is a graduate of the National Symposium on Child Sexual Abuse and received intensive training in handling the intricacies of a wide array of sex offenses including, but not limited to, internet crimes, lewd molestation, and possession of child pornography. This training and experience has given Mr. Touger a valuable advantage in defending individuals facing these very serious charges. Mr. Touger also understands that many innocent people are accused of these crimes as a result of bitter child custody battles, police entrapment, and adult manipulation of a child’s testimony. With this perspective, Mr. Touger is able to craft a defense designed to expose the falsities in the prosecution’s case and secure an acquittal for his clients.

Thankfully, most people will never find themselves facing a serious criminal charge. So while Mr. Touger is highly qualified to handle the most serious of cases, he also dedicates a large portion of his practice to defending first-time offenders charged with minor crimes. Drug possession, DUI, suspended license, and theft cases are as vigorously defended as the major crimes, yet with a personal touch designed to help the inexperienced client bear the stressful burden of a criminal accusation. It is no coincidence that a significant number of Mr. Touger’s clients are students whose parents have hired Mr. Touger to protect their children’s rights and help them preserve their futures by expunging their records once their cases are concluded.

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Touger is all too aware that the trial courts often convict people of crimes they did not commit. This can result from deceptive witnesses, overzealous prosecutors, inexperienced judges, or a combination of the above. It is also why preserving a client’s appellate rights is just as important as a vigorous investigation and an aggressive defense. Mr. Touger has successfully argued appellate cases in state and federal courts and has represented clients in all facets of post-conviction litigation.

Mr. Touger also recognizes that professional associations and community networking are an integral part of the legal profession. Mr. Touger is a member of the national, Florida, and Hillsborough County Associations of Criminal Defense Lawyers and has appeared as a guest legal analyst on Court TV, Bay News 9, and Bay News 9 en Espanol. He is also a proud member of the University of Florida Foundation Hillsborough Regional Council, Florida Justice Association, Tampa Bay Trial Lawyers Association and the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Touger has also contributed countless hours of free (pro bono) legal work to disadvantaged families and community organizations.

In conclusion, Mr. Touger and the legal team of Gomez & Touger, P.A. are committed to providing you with experienced and aggressive representation in any of Florida’s state and federal courts. If you are charged with any type of crime, please let our team of attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, and investigators work to protect your innocence, your rights, and, most importantly, your future.

Bar Admissions

Florida, 1995

Michael Hrdlicka

When you have been accused of a crime, you cannot help but ask yourself a number of questions. How can this happen to me? Why have I been charged? What am I going to do? Criminal cases involve complex issues and when you have been accused of committing a crime, it is difficult not to feel trapped by the weight of the seemingly overwhelming power of the government. Your case may involve a team of detectives or special prosecutors, making it seem like the scales of justice are tipped in the government’s favor. However, it is important to remember that you are innocent until proven guilty and with the right attorney asking the right questions, the balance of those scales can quickly be flipped to your side.

Attorney Michael Hrdlicka will work tirelessly to ask those questions and maintain the presumption of innocence guaranteed to you by the Constitution. Mr. Hrdlicka understands the intricacies of criminal cases because he has worked on both sides of a criminal case. After graduating from the University of Florida Levin College of Law, Mr. Hrdlicka began his legal career as a prosecutor. There, Mr. Hrdlicka handled prosecutions at all levels—from first degree murder to driving under the influence. Working for the government provided Mr. Hrdlicka with numerous opportunities to receive training on the complex legal issues that exist in every criminal case. Mr. Hrdlicka can draw upon this experience to help successfully defend you because he knows not only the weaknesses in the government’s case against you, but how to exploit them to your advantage.

During his time as a prosecutor, Mr. Hrdlicka was assigned as his office’s sole attorney handling white-collar crimes. In that role, Mr. Hrdlicka handled cases involving sophisticated and intricate criminal schemes involving thefts of over $1,000,000, money laundering, identity theft, and elder exploitation. Many of these cases involve tremendous amounts of evidence in the form of documents and bank records. However, Mr. Hrdlicka’s valuable experience with these cases allows him to spot issues where others might not.

Mr. Hrdlicka understands that many people charged with these types of crimes are innocent. The amount of money involved in these cases routinely provides a reason for victims to have a different perception of what occurred than what the evidence actually supports. Too often law enforcement officers get only the alleged victim’s side of the story and never inquire as to the truth. Many times the money involved in these cases can cause political pressure, which can also force a rushed charging decision. Mr. Hrdlicka is uniquely qualified to examine your case beyond the money involved and who the victim may be.

Regardless of the nature of your potential charges, Mr. Hrdlicka is prepared to push the government to its limits in order to secure your freedom. He does this by filing motions to suppress and dismiss that ensure your constitutional rights are upheld by the criminal justice system and by using all the pre-trial discovery tools available under the law. Upon meeting with Mr. Hrdlicka for a free consultation, you will find that all of your questions will be answered and feel comfortable that you can have a determined advocate on your side.

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Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Guillermo E. Gomez Jr.

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